Predict™ is a jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation to predict results. Ready to test drive your case?

Through statistical analysis, Predict™ allows attorneys to test key issues throughout litigation and employ a predictive model to help measure probable jury outcomes.

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What Our Advisory Clients Say

  • We used Predict for a medical malpractice case and were very pleased with the process and feedback. The information received confirmed some of our own beliefs but also raised issues that had not yet been considered. The process was very beneficial with regards to both the value of the case and allocating responsibility among multiple defendants. I will use the Predict service again and believe it is an invaluable research tool in high damage personal injury cases.”

    Noah Paul Fardo, Esq.Flaherty Fardo, LLC
  • While preparing for a product liability case, we reached a point in which focus-group feedback was warranted, and Predict was an appealing, cost-efficient option. The approach and resulting report provided a fresh and sobering collection of perspectives, alerting me to necessary strategy adjustments. It was also instrumental in managing my client’s expectations. We were more than pleased with the tool.

    Daniel E. Rosner, Esq.Rosner & Tucker, P.C.
  • We used Predict in a complex case requiring analysis of how a federal jury might view the affirmative claims of both sides where each side claimed millions of dollars in damages against the other. Predict provided a quick, economical, and insightful analysis of potential juror biases that would have taken far more time, effort and money to obtain from a traditional focus group. Predict’s insights strengthened our position and helped us obtain millions of dollars for our client. Given its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, Predict would be useful in every case headed to trial.

    Andrew P. Baratta, Esq.Baratta, Russell & Baratta
  • I’ve found Predict to be an invaluable tool for both settlement and trial preparation if settlement can’t be achieved. It forces me to think concretely about trial presentation, and the feedback may be equal to a mock trial, which is far more time-consuming and expensive.

    Harry S. Cohen, Esq.Harry S. Cohen & Associates, P.C.
  • We used Predict to get feedback on liability and damages issues in a catastrophic personal injury case. The entire process took less than three weeks and provided us with invaluable insight at a reasonable cost and helped us achieve a substantial eight-figure settlement for our clients. We intend to use it again.

    Roger D. Landon, Managing PartnerMurphy & Landon
  • I am happy to recommend Predict with Precise. We submitted a complicated contested liability catastrophic personal injury case to Predict recently. The feedback we received from the multiple mock jury panels was extremely insightful and helped us to re-focus our liability strategy which led directly to a very successful resolution.

    Thomas A. Masterson, Jr., EsquireThe Masterson Law Firm
  • I just used the Predict tool for the first time and was blown away with the product quality. I got ten times the number of participants of traditional focus group providers, with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand analysis. Predict showed me case weaknesses I hadn’t seen, and alerted me to potential jurors that I needed to de-select. I will never go into trial again without Predict.

    David L. Kwass, PartnerSaltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, PC

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